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The Only adapter to work in USA & Europe

Automatic phase correction.for 220/245 VAC 50 & 60 cycles
Connect safely your 100 Amps shore cord in two 50/63 Amps 240V receptacles.

Automatic phase correction.
Connect neutral.
• Two 50 Amps or Two 100 Amps cords or 2X100 Amps to 200 Amps..
Portable or permanent installation.
• State of the art electronic technology.
• Solid state waterproof electronic circuitry.

· Doubles shore amperage by connecting together two shore receptacles, so you can draw 100 Amps from two 50 Amp or two 63 Amp shore receptacles, or draw 200 Amps from two 100 Amp shore receptacles.

· Electronic phase check & correction - safely checks phases on both dock power receptacles and reverses one phase if necessary before power activation.

· Eliminates shock hazard possibility when one leg is disconnected.

· Micro controlled electronic board performs: current sensing & phase checking on both AC lines, process AC lines information, manages actions to take, for example no power activation, straight y phase power activation, reverse y phase power activation and drives output signals to power relays.