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ReVA 3000

Remote video Assistance

The ReVA services provides customers, real time remote assistance solutions through internet, with the help of video and audio streaming.
Our ReVA 3000 enables our customers to send audio and video streams directly to our servers.
Real time response from our staff is made possible through a bidirectional audio link.
Our technical service can remotely assist customers on a per minute connection fee.
The customer vessel & equipment technical data is stored on our server and accessible to the technician who can update on the fly the database.
Audio and video is recorded in real time and stored in the customer's file on our server.
Our ReVA-SS streaming server can redirect the real time stream to any other internet user, for a low per minute fee. This feature allows any internet user anywhere in the world, to assist instantaneously the owner who invested in our ReVA 3000.
Buying and installing on a server (connected on internet with fixed IP address and VPN server) the ReVA-RS software, allow an internet user to control as many ReVA 3000 color communicators as necessary.

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